Between now and the new year we want to challenge you to fast – to go for one 24 hour period with out food. Use this time to experience hunger in a new way and through new eyes.

Why do we do fast? What’s the impact? Is there an impact?

In the Bible, people fasted for a variety of reasons. Some did it as an act of worship (Acts 13:2), some to get right with God (Nehemiah 9:1). Jesus fasted in preparation for His public ministry (Matthew 4:2).

Whatever the goal, fasting helps us to break free from the clutter of our world and focus on what matters to God. As we give up food and face physical hunger, we get to turn to God and face the hunger of our souls.

Our physical hunger is a picture of how hungry we are for God to move in our lives and the lives of those we are praying for!

Fasting also helps us to identify with the hungry around the world. What we feel is just a small part of what millions feel every day. I know that after not eating for a day I feel very tired and grumpy, which really just goes to show how little I know about real hunger.


So what do we do with this? What’s the impact of our heart change? It really can be as big or as small as we let it be. We can be grumpy all day just looking forward to the end of it so we can go eat some pizza. Or, we can say “God, what is your heart for me in this moment? What do You want to teach me?” Because if the whole focus of fasting is just looking forward to what we get to eat when we’re done, then we’ve failed.  We want to look forward to what God is doing in and through us.

So as we fast and our hearts align with the heart of God, we become passionate about loving what God loves and advocating for who God loves.

An advocate is a person who stands in support or defense of someone who cannot do it themselves, a person who pleads the cause of another, an intercessor. We are here to be advocates for those who are hungry. A child suffering from malnutrition cannot fight for himself…but you can fight for him.

Be encouraged that it’s making a difference. In 1992 the number of children under the age of 5 dying every day was 40,000. Today it’s just over 20,000. That’s still way too many…but do you see what has happened because of people who are aligning their hearts with God’s and are advocating for His children? The rate of daily deaths due to hunger related cause has dropped significantly in YOUR lifetime. You CAN make a difference.

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