Baba – newlife Bremerton’s sponsorship story

Papa Baba Badji

When Tim Whitney, the Elementary Kids Lead at Newlife Bremerton, signed up for the kids ministry to sponsor a child in Senegal this fall, we were excited, but we had no idea what was in store for Baba from John Huffman School. The kids of Newlife LOVE Baba. They pray for him each week and take offerings for his sponsorship. Tim even took the photo from Baba’s profile and made copies for each of the kids to take home so they can be reminded to pray for him.

Recently, the kids made cards for Baba and signed a soccer ball for him (see picture) that we are sending to Senegal. How amazing will Baba feel when he receives this gift? How will knowing that he has a group of kids, just like him, praying for him across the globe change his life?


Tim told us that his dream is that at the end of this school year one of the kids from the church will take over sponsoring Baba. Then next year they will sponsor another child. He envisions a legacy of families sponsoring the children of Senegal through their connection with the kids’ ministry. What a legacy that will be!

Does your church have a children’s ministry that would like to sponsor a child like this? We would love to partner with you in this way.

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