In Senegal, Christian schools follow a “grow as you go” model.  This means a school will typically start with one room of preschoolers, adding a classroom and grade each year building onto the school when room is needed.  Bethesda School started in 2010 with one class of three children, at the end of the 2014/15 school year they had 5 classes and 120 children.  The needs continue to grow and the desire is to provide as many kids as possible with a sound education.

This $100,000 project includes: adding classrooms, providing desks, a school van, expanding the preschool, and purchasing property for teacher housing and providing additional income with guest housing.

Your gift can help!  An African proverb says, “If you want to go quickly go alone.  If you want to go far, go with others.” GO on the Mission wants to go far with Bethesda School and working together with you will allow us to make a difference for kids.

Bethesda Projects, Descriptions, and Order of Priority

1. Finish Existing Construction:The Bethesda School is currently at capacity as every classroom is full of students.  Construction has started on the second level and one classroom has been completed, but two more classrooms are needed. As the reputation for giving excellent education has grown at Bethesda, there is more and more demand for classroom space. This project is top priority.  Estimated Cost: $16,000

UPDATE: With over $8000 raised, we are ready to build the first classroom!  Now we need to raise the funds for the second classroom.

2. School Desks: Once the upper level construction of two classrooms is completed 40 student desks will be needed to provide learning space for 80 new students.  Estimated Cost: $2,500

3. School Van: Currently, the only children who attend the Bethesda School are those within walking distance or those whose parents can afford transportation.  The headmaster has shared that there are many children who would attend if transportation were provided.  The purchase of a school van would alleviate this obstacle and promote the growth of the school.  Estimated Cost: $13,000

4. Preschool Addition: Across the campus from the main school building is a smaller building where the headmaster used to house his office.  He recently relocated his office and is turning this building into the preschool section of the campus.  Additional classroom space is needed for this building.  As the reputation for giving excellent education has grown at Bethesda, there is more and more demand for classroom space.  Estimated Cost: $16,000

5. Adjoining Property: The school administration has talked to the owner of the property adjacent to the school and expressed interest in purchasing this land.  The expectation for this property is to provide teacher and guest housing.  Estimated Cost: $10,750

6. Teacher & Guest Housing: Many qualified teachers are interested in working at the Bethesda School but appropriate housing in the area is very difficult to obtain. This limits the school’s ability to hire excellent teachers. The housing will also provide a place for guests and visitors to lodge when they are in the area, thus providing additional income to the school.  Estimated Cost: $22,000

Will you join us in this effort?  An African proverb says, “If you want to go quickly, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together”.  Go on the Mission wants to go far.  Working together we can make this project happen!