Since the early 1990’s the number of kids living on the street has been increasing at an alarming rate in Senegal. These children do not have the access to the resources that would give them the power to change their lives – education, clean water, nutritious food and health care. This tragedy is eating away at every aspect of the Senegalese society. Despair and hopelessness is evident and heartbreaking in the eyes of these children.

In the face of these realities, leaders from the small Christian population in Senegal have felt the urgent need for the creation of Christian schools that would offer opportunities to these poorest and most marginalized members of Senegalese Society. GO has joined with these leaders to provide sponsorships to allow these children to get the education these schools offer.

However, the tragedy of many child sponsorship programs is that there is no provision for next steps when the children graduate from high school and enter a dwindling work force. The unemployment rate is 49%. GO is developing a grade-level-appropriate business curriculum to offer to our partner schools. Thus, when students graduate from high school they will already have training in basic business principles and a number of years of experience at developing and running the “business” within the safety of the program at their school and will be well prepared to apply for a small business loan from GOs microenterprise development loan program which is already established in their community.

The budget for Phase I, writing and beta testing the materials, is $40,870.