A message from Mike and Gaby Duek, our sponsorship coordinators in Mazatlan, Mexico!
We’ve been having a great season so far, we were able to celebrate Christmas with the children with a representation of the birth of Jesus, some songs that they danced for us, delicious party food, a piñata and gifts under the christmas tree for the kids. Not only the kids had so much fun putting the play all together, but it also made their attendance more regular, they all invited their parents and some friends, even some new kids that got invited started also going to the feeding center on a regular basis. The girl that played Mary memorised her lines in less than a week, but had some trouble with her parents not wanting her to participate a few days before the event, they finally left her, and they also came with her 🙂
Thank you all that made this possible, God bless you and have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

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