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How is GO on the Mission funded? As an independent non-profit organization, GO on the Mission is funded solely through donations from individuals, churches and organizations.

Is GO on the Mission affiliated with any one specific denomination or church? GO is an independent non-profit ministry that works with multiple local independent and denominational churches, in multiple communities.

How long is my commitment to sponsor a child and what is the average length of each sponsor’s commitment? We ask that you make a commitment for a minimum of one year. If for an unexpected reason you are not able to complete that year, we ask that you give us a month’s notice so that we can find another sponsor for your child. The average person sponsors a child for 7 years.

What happens when a sponsor can no longer make the financial commitment to sponsor? 
The gap fund exists to help kids who have been previously sponsored remain in the program. Gap fund is designed to cover the gap between active sponsors until a new sponsor can be found.

Can a group or class sponsor a child? Absolutely! All we ask is that there be one clear contact person who acts as the communications link between GO on the Mission and your group.

Can I give a one-time gift? 
GO welcomes your one-time gifts! These gifts help cover other expenses associated with caring for children and expanding the impact of the sponsorship program.

Can I send gifts to my sponsored child? Yes. From our past experience we have developed some guidelines for the kind of gifts you might send that would be appropriate to the child’s culture and situation as well as how to get such gifts to the child.  You can access these guidelines on our resource page.

Will I be able to visit my sponsored child? Yes, we very much encourage it! We invited you to join a team visiting your child’s country and we will make sure you get to spend some time with them while you are there.