Every year, children go back to school. Before school, they like to eat breakfast. Studies have shown that children perform better when they have eaten breakfast. Unlike the programs in the US and Canada, children in poverty cannot get breakfast at school. This is where www.GOonthemission.com has stepped in to help children.

In Mexico, five days per week, children get breakfast and a bible lesson before school at one of 7 feeding centers. In Mazatlan in the State of Sinaloa, children can receive Saturday breakfast thru are partnership with the Vineyard Church of Mazatlan. They currently operate 17 feeding centers that feed on Saturdays only. When you add Sunday at church, children are getting needed support seven days per week.


In Antigua Guatemala, a new feeding center called Campo de Suenos is offering hope to one of the most impoverished cities. Santa Maria de Jesus has been highlighted as one of the most undernourished areas in the district. Children walk right past the new facility on their way to school. On opening day, they had over 200 children in the room. By partnering with local church Iglesia del Camino, GO hopes to see every kid receive needed nutrition.

Over in Senegal on the tip of West Africa, GO partners with a feeding center for street children. Muslim clerics send kids into the streets to beg for food and money. A female missionary worker started a feeding program to help these children escape hunger and break the cycle. Wherever you choose to sponsor, your dollars help to bring healing into their world. Thank you to our sponsors who make a difference.

You can click here to sponsor a child today and change a life!

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