First Meetings


I’m sitting outside a local coffee shop.  It’s a sunny morning in early September, much like I imagine it might look in Mexico. My new friend Judy and I are both at a meeting where we are talking about Mazatlan, sponsorships and education.  We have just met one another and learned we are both joining Go for their next trip to Mazatlan.  This will be the first time for both of us to take this trip and we discover both of us are a bit excited and a little nervous.  We are filled with questions such as; what is the food like, where will we stay, how much danger is involved, what do we wear and do we drink bottled or tap water?  Our excitement builds as we learn more and more about how the trip will look, what we will be doing and who will be on the team.

In the course of our conversation I learn Judy and her husband Ron have sponsored a child in Mazatlan for about 5 years.  She shares how important it was for her and Ron to pick a child who was just beginning their school career because they had a vision, really a calling, to start sponsoring a child at the beginning of their school adventure and continue until they had successfully finished.  Once you get to know more about Judy you learn she is a retired teacher who knows the value of a good education, especially in a country where poverty is so prevalent.  You can see the passion flow from Judy as she shares not only her educational teacher knowledge but especially when she talks about one day meeting the child she is sponsoring.

Judy and Ron chose Arecali, a young girl who lives in Mazatlan.  She is now 10 years old and Judy will have the pleasure of meeting Arecali and hopefully her family, for the first time when she joins Go on the Mission for a trip this fall.  With anticipation and excitement Judy looks forward to making a personal connection with her sponsor child and growing the relationship they have had through letters, cards, packages and photos.  She hopes to have many opportunities to show the love of Christ to Arecali and her family while in Mazatlan and prays that one day, Arecali will have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”            Matthew 19:14

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