From the mother of a sponsored child

Here is a letter written to us from the mother of a sponsored child in our Senegal program. GO exists to lift children out of poverty, but we recognize that impacting children has a far greater reach than just their lives. These children bring the impact with them into families, the community, and even the nation. Read this letter from the mother of a sponsored girl in Senegal and hear for yourself the difference that sponsorship is making.


On my behalf, I want to tell you how grateful I am for the support you are bringing the children in difficult situation and particularly to my daughter.

I want to let you know that my daughter was on the way to be dropped out from school because we couldn’t pay for her school fees. Do you know that here in Kaolack, G. F.  is the school that all the parents wish to have their kids attending?

But praise The Lord, your ministry came to our help, not only for me and but also for many other families and for our nation. It is a nationwide support because when a child grows up and succeeds it is not a benefit for the family only but for the local community and for the whole nation too.

You really do well in helping needy children. These kids could be future president, ministers…

That’s why I am writing this letter with a lot of joy in my heart and with gratefulness. I am very glad

We have nothing to give you back but the Almighty God will bless you!

I am recommending you, and all the people working with you to the grace of God!

Best regards. Thank you and thank you again.


We still have many children in Senegal available for sponsorship!

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