Having just celebrated Thanksgiving and spending time with our families, over-eating, and Black Friday shopping we have a lot to be thankful for. More times than not we take for granted what abundance we have. Simple things like shoes that we can buy so easily don’t come so easily for everyone. We don’t realize that millions of people go without them everyday.

One of the great things about sponsorship through GO is that we can help solve that problem with giving. Every sponsored child in Senegal and Guatemala gets a school uniform for school in the fall once they are sponsored. In Mazatlan though, it is a little different. Shoes are a bigger problem than school uniforms, so when they become sponsored by a family or individual, part of the money used to sponsor the child buys them a new pair of shoes.

Diana Sugey (pictured below) received her brand new pair of school shoes. As we handed them to her, her smile started to grow and she said these shoes are a reminder from God that He is with her, and that He will help her to improve her grades in school. Such a thankful and sincere heart is what makes this giving special. It also gives a whole new meaning to the giving of a pair of shoes. It’s not just a pair of shoes, it is an answer to a little girls humble prayer.

Thank you so much for giving to GO on The Mission by prayer, donations, and sponsorship. We are so thankful to generous givers who make things like this happen, and who change lives and further God’s kingdom everyday. To give now, click here. Or to sponsor a child in need, click here!


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