GO offers a variety of mission opportunity to build long-term relationships. It has been said that a group of people sharing a common mission or ordeal create life long connection. By sharing a vision to see children and families freed from the cycle of poverty, you become bonded to your teammates. Our vision at GO is to help heal the world. We do this by opening the door to serving in communities where poverty, illiteracy, and hopelessness are common. By partnering with the local church, local schools, and local orphanages we have a sustainable impact.


The relationships you build with the children in these programs will last a lifetime. Sponsors can visit their children on a mission trip, plus send written communication and gifts. Each year over one hundred sponsors and students travel to Mexico, Guatemala, and West Africa to visit their child. Whether you travel for one week, 10 days, or a month, you will bond with the children. You can visit them each year if you wish. Your heart will be changed. You will thank God for your opportunity to build these relationships.


Mission trip opportunities can be joined today. Visit www.GOonthemission.com and click on “Trips” to learn more!

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