God Shows Up!

From guest blogger Lorraine Jackman

Hi, my name is Lorraine and I have wanted to go on a medical mission trip for more than ten years.  There were a million excuses I created about why it would most likely not happen; I am a single mom, my income is limited, my anxiety with flying is significant – the list went on and on.

In the summer of 2016 I was invited to go on a medical mission trip to Mazatlán, Mexico.  My first response was YES!  Quickly followed by fear and doubt then I talked myself out of going, fear won again, or did it?

A circle of friends and family came around me and encouraged me.  They prayed and eventually convinced me it would be okay to make the trip.  When it came time to leave for Mexico, loving people came to care of my son and I trusted God as I walked out in faith.

The trip was amazing!  The team gave well child checks for nearly 300 kids and I met some great people.  On my first day home, as I sat with less than 4 hours of sleep, I felt overwhelmed and transformed.  Spending 8 days in Mazatlán changed me.  I flew to and from Mazatlán without medications to calm the anxiety.  My son had a wonderful time with his caregivers, and I had the most beautiful experience of my life.

God showed up! Everywhere in everyone!  People prayed for me at the airport to calm my fears, I was surrounded by God’s love every step.  I couldn’t wait to share my story of conquering fear and feeling safe in God’s loving arms.  As I think about the future I am looking forward to going on the next medical mission trip, to grow in love, and give the love of Christ to children and those I meet along the way.

GO Editor’s Note: If you’d like to join Lorraine on the next medical mission trip, check out our trips page to see travel details and sign up today.