It’s GO time!

Today we have guest blogger Blaine Laurion! He has been the leader of the newlife youth trip for 3 years and we are absolutely thrilled to serve along side this guy! His team is about to hit the ground running in Mazatlan and already they’ve been encountering God’s crazy love for them!


We have finally reached the end of the fundraising and paperwork push and arrive at Seatac in 30 hours!   For me this is always the most stressful time.  But God has blessed our team crazily throughout this time.  So many students saw how God works as they raised funds for this trip.  Some worked really hard to pay for almost their whole trip themselves.   All i know is once again God has brought forward a larger team then the year before and showed His amazing love to those that answered His call.   Because of how God has blessed this team we are going forward to Mazatlan with extra money that we are going to be able to use to bless the feeding centers and churches with just a little more.   We of course will bless them with our presence,  with the love and service we will provide them but we will also be able to do just a little more.  Whether its extra paint for a bigger project or some dishes for the feeding center.  God will lead us to something more for them.

As leaders I know there were so many prayers going on for this team.   We saw many of the attacks the devil likes to throw at us to discourage the team, the leaders, and parents.   Some of you know what I mean because you were part of it, some of you are like what are you talking about.   Just know, as always, we were a target and God uses this time to grow us as leaders and families.   I know as soon as I mentioned something the leaders were praying all over the issue, the student, the finances, or the family.    I am so blessed to be able to serve with a group of leaders like this.

I really feel God is going to do some amazing things this trip.  Something we haven’t seen before.   I’m not sure what it will be yet.  All i know is there are a lot of changes going on in the ground side and it is going to cause the team to need to be more flexible.   With that God is going to work on each of us.  I have no other way to explain it except to say I can feel He has something big for this team.

This year we are going to do our devotions in Ephesians.  I know we have talked a lot about it at meetings and we were starting to think about Romans.  But I felt God pointing me to Ephesians this year.  I discussed it with a couple leaders and they agree 100%.   I believe through the fund raising, through the trials, and through this trip God has and is going to show each of us “how wide, how long, how high, and how deep His love is” for reach of us (Eph 3:18)!

I am crazily excited to see where He is leading us and look forward to continue to be a tool for His use.

In Him ,


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