The following entry was submitted by Ben and Tammy Pickett, long-time child sponsors with GO.

After having a child that we were originally sponsoring disappear from the system, our monthly giving started going into the Gap Fund (The Gap Fund is a program at GO specifically for children who have been sponsored, but were no longer able to be sponsored usually due to financial hardship of the sponsor. We never drop these kids so they go into the Gap Fund until they can find a new sponsor family).

When this first came to our attention it was a bit of a shock.  With some education on the importance that the Gap Fund serves, we decided to continue putting our giving there. The start of the yearly trips season was approaching very fast and this season brings a lot of opportunities, not just for children, but also for their sponsors.  The trips gave us a way to share and interact with a child on a different level and again we began looking through the roster of children available for sponsorship.

We came to sponsor José about a year ago.  Shortly afterward, we sent a gift package to Mazatlán with one of the mission teams.  The team was able to provide us several pictures and tell us all about him.  This is one of the most incredible blessings that we have in sponsorship and has made the experience tangible.  And it is because of this that we find ourselves looking forward to this next trip season that is right around the corner.  We are genuinely excited to be able to send toys and other things down to José again and get more updates and pictures on his progress.

Through sponsorship we are given an opportunity to give.  It is in this that we find joy.  The monthly contribution is only the tip of the iceberg by making sure that his essential needs are met.  Through prayer we are given the opportunity to intercede for not just the child we sponsor but for their family and friends.  Perhaps the largest impact that we can have is the opportunity to build a relationship through sending letters and gifts.  By deepening the level of giving we enable real life change and this is what brings us the most joy.

This past year when sending toys with a letter down to Mazatlán with missionaries we were given feedback.  José had asked if the gifts were all for him.  He was excited receive a simple coloring book with crayons and a couple Hot Wheels Cars.  We find excitement and joy in knowing that we are able to make a lasting difference the quality of José’s life.

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