Its the end of my second month here.. start of the third. And let me tell you, it has been incredible so far! I love this place, it has definitely won my heart. Not just the country.. but the people. I live with a family of four Alvaro (Father) Norma (Mom/kindest, sweetest,funniest lady ever) Javier (son) Aileen (daughter) , 5 including Abuela (The grandma) who has her own adorable little house right by ours. This family is relaxed, generous, loving and so fun! Its like God knows me or something and strategically placed me with this family.I love them. A lot.

Since I’ve been here I’ve been working with our two main contacts. One is Ninos Del Mundo which does a feeding program, preschool, and after school program in a impoverished area of the town San Juan Del Obispo. This is where I spend most of my time. In the mornings I get picked up at about 7:15 we go to the school have a meeting pray and begin to make breakfast for the ninos. After they eat they brush their teeth and school begins. Magnolia is the main teacher there. She is AMAZING! She does so much and keeps a group of 4-6 year old kids under control. At about 10:30, after recess I teach English.Its pretty fun plus I refresh my basic Spanish and learn at the same time. Its somewhat difficult because the kids cant read so everything is repeating what I say and visuals. For the first couple of weeks I felt like I wasn’t teaching them little girl thought the word red was pronounced black.. seriously over and over again I would say “repete rrred” and she would look and me so concentrated and utter the word “bbbblllaack”. I would say “Rojo en ingles es Red” she would repeat “rojo en ingles es bbbllaack” it was very disheartening. Also green was a hard word for them.. and numbers, we were not doing well with. BUT! last week we did a little review and every single nino knew every color I had taught and could count to 10 in English! I almost cried. I was ecstatic. So far I haven’t completely failed them.  Plus the one little girl knows that rojo is red and negro is black. It was a happy day. After English the kids get to play or maybe do a little craft. Then Lunch is served to them which is prepared by two of the mothers. After lunch we sing some songs and say goodbye and the kids go home for the day. Everyone gets hugs, kisses and Hasta manannas. They are the most precious. One of the other things I am doing there is working on getting Child sponsorship set up at the school. So lovely people like yourselves can help these kids stay nourished and have the supply’s they need to succeed and get an education. Right now I am working on the paper work and after that’s finished they will be available for sponsorship in no time! Which is pretty exciting if you ask me. In the afternoon is an afterschool program for the older kids. They get help with home work and a snack. I am supposed to begin teaching computer at the ASP. If it is basic computer skills ill be a great teacher.. if its anything more than that.. I’m not sure. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Lavosi is our second contact we work with. It is a school for the Deaf. I have started going there once a week and will be doing weekly art and crafts with the students. The sponsorship program is already set up with that school, now I am working on getting more kids into the system so they are available for sponsorship.

I think my favorite and most cherished thing I’ve gained since being here, is the relationships. I love people. I really love these people and doing life with them in this season so far has been more than perfect. And the best part is I can see Christ all over it.

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