Imagine your child or grandchild growing up surrounded by poverty. The daily grind of long hours for working parents leaves them tired and without additional funds for simple toys or activities. With  the absence of time, energy, and surplus income, few parents are able to provide meaningful activities for their children. GO on the mission has partnered with area churches to provide a four day high energy camp for these children. The goal of the camp is to give these children a memory of people who love them unconditionally like God. Additionally, the camp staff made up of over 300 local volunteers and 100 traveling mission team members set out to make this the best week of their year. These children return year after year to rekindle friendships, laugh, and play soccer. The joy on their faces make it clear that this camp is a meaningful activity to these children. God so loved the whole world that he gave his one and only son. GO felt the least we could do is give each kid a week of camp. Last year, over 1000 kids came to camp. Each child receives a soccer ball, a bible, a jersey, and the gospel. This year, we anticipate the need for more supplies. Sponsor on child at camp for just $15 or sponsor multiple kids to increase the impact. Funding is the only thing keeping us from offering this amazing experience to up to 5000 kids. Give kids a week of camp today!

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