If you are a sponsor, you and your family matter to a child living in one of the poorest areas of the world! And that’s the whole point of Child Sponsorship at GO on the Mission. We want you to feel connected to your child, and your child to feel cared for and included in your life. The goal of sending mail and gifts to your sponsored child is to deepen this connection and give your child a glimpse into your life.

This is Luis (on the left) and Ecole (right) proudly and happily posing for photos with gifts from their sponsors last summer. I just love their smiles! Don’t you?

GO is sending a teams to both Mazatlan and Senegal during the next few months and we want to make sure your child hears from you! If you would like to send a letter or small package to your child, please keep reading for some helpful guidelines.

If your child lives in Mazatlan, please have your gift or letter sent into GO on the Mission (PO Box 2556, Silverdale, WA 98383) on or before November 1st, 2013.

If your child lives in Senegal, please have your gift or letter sent into your specific Church Coordinator (comment or email info@goonthemission.com if you have questions) on or before December 1st, 2013.

Mailing Instructions

  • Your letter and/or gift must fit inside an unsealed, but sealable 6×9 envelope (for flat items only) or a sealed quart-size (16oz) ziploc bag.
  • When writing your letters, please leave room (either on the front or back) for translation, if necessary.
  • Please clearly label the envelope or bag with your child’s full name, sponsorship code, and feeding center or school name (if available).
  • Please do not include any personal contact information (email, facebook page, phone number)
  • Place the unsealed letter or sealed gift bag inside another envelope or mailing package and send it in!

Content Suggestions
Please consider the following suggestions when preparing a letter or gift for your sponsored child:

  • If this is your first time writing your child, introduce yourself! Tell them your name, how old you are, all about your family, the kinds of things you like to do together, etc.
  • Write about interesting things you have done lately and/or are planning to do soon. Include a news about each family member.
  • Including a recent family photo is a great idea! It helps your child feel that they know you. Be sure to write your names/ages on the
  • back of each photo you send.
  • Ask questions about your child – their friends, school activities, their families, anything you can think of! Get to know them.
  • End with an encouraging word or prayer for your child. Often, the only encouraging and uplifting people in this child’s life are
  • the Feeding Center or School staff, who are spread out among more than 50 children. You may be the only Christ-like adult speaking life into your child specifically, so don’t waste an opportunity! (Please do not directly quote scriptures if your child lives in Senegal, as this offends their Muslim parents and we want to show them love and respect.)
  • Gifts should be age and gender appropriate, please stay away from any culturally inappropriate images/items. Keep it light and fun!

If you have any further questions about sending mail to your child, please don’t hesitate to contact GO at info@goonthemission.com. Thanks so much!

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