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Order a Gift for your Sponsor Child Today!

It’s now easier than ever to send your child a gift and note! GO is offering gifts bags for sponsors to order for their child.  When you place your order, you can also write a note to your child that will be included with the gift  Your gift and letter will then be packed and delivered to GO’s in-country partners who will deliver the gift to your child.  Gifts are specifically tailored for younger (5-11) or older (12-15+) boys and/or girls.  Each gift is just $15.00 and includes the following items:

  • 2–3 School supplies such as pencils, sharpener, color pencils, pens, notebook, calculator
  • 1 Activity such as coloring book, play-dough, game, building blocks, puzzle, reading book
  • 1 Toy such as ball, jump rope, car, doll, airplane
  • 1 – 2 Personal items such as chap stick, lip gloss, soap, deodorant, toothbrush, nail polish, hair supplies, earrings, socks, shirt, sun dress

At GO, we believe sponsorship is a way to be deeply and intentionally involved in the lives of children who may not otherwise have that kind of encouragement in their lives. GO doesn’t want you to be a passive supporter. We encourage sponsors to write letters, send small gifts, and even go visit their sponsored child to form a meaningful relationship with them, making connections and creating change in an real and tangible way.

The cost to sponsor a child in need is $35 a month. You receive a sponsorship packet for your child which includes information about them and their country as well as their photo. You will receive updates and personal letters from them at least twice a year. Not only can you can write to your sponsored child and send them small gifts, but you are also encouraged to visit them!

The sponsorship program is a bit different in each country because we provide for the needs of the children based on their culture and sponsorship program, not based on what we think they need. We understand that each country and program is different, so the needs will be different. Typically, sponsorship provides them with nutritious food, clean water, education, school supplies, shoes, a Bible, and medical care. Whatever country they’re in, sponsorship provides children with discipleship from loving adults who care deeply about their spiritual development.