Do you absolutely love to travel? Are you flexible and good with all different sorts of people? Is God calling you to do something challenging and life-changing with your time this next year? Something that matters, not just for you but for others? Maybe you’ve been on a short or long-term missions trip before, and you’re looking for what’s next? Then read over the GO Trips page and apply to be a Team Leader! You could be the leader 1) of an existing GO team, 2) a team through your church, or 3) even a team that we haven’t come up with yet (your ideas are welcome).

I’ve been part of missions teams from the time I was only 14 years old, so I started out in the youngest-kid-in-group or kid-who’s-mom-came-too role. Then a few years later I was able to help out by leading a smaller group of people within my team (kind of a sub-leader), which challenged me in new ways and helped me grow! A couple of years after that I ‘moved-up’ and lead a team of 35 people (all teenagers) into a foreign country! I was probably the most stressful and challenging personal growth experience I’d ever had. Now, at the ripe old age of 24 I get to help equip and train team leaders just like I used to be for a living! And I LOVE it.

Being the leader of a team grows and stretches you in different ways than just joining a short or long-term trip does. Rather than your primary focus being on how you can serve another people group (people you don’t necessarily know) and how God is going to change your heart, your job is to serve your team members (a group of people you DO know) and work to ensure they experience the heart change God has planned for them. It’s selflessness on a whole new level, and it’s something I think God wants all of us to learn.

Brittany Dickenson has been a fearless team leader down to Mazatlan several times, and she has some awesome things to say about her experience as a leader on a mission with GO:

” I get such great joy in seeing team members make that connection with God that goes beyond their home life. When you experience a different culture, no matter the level of poverty, and see a movement of love working no matter the circumstances, it can really bring in to perspective how great and big our God is.I have been blessed with the opportunity in seeing students love for God grow immensely just by being servants of others and shown an unconditional love they weren’t expecting. My favorite part of being a team leader is not only witnessing these moments, but getting to help people understand how to express their heart change in a way that strengthens their relationship with god so their stories can reach others.”

You never know where God wants to take your story, you can only say ‘yes’ in the moment when you feel Him calling you to something new. Don’t miss out! Apply to be a GO Team Leader to Guatemala, Mazatlan, or Senegal today! …and let God take you places you never dreamed you could go.


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