Dear Partners-

As we reach the end of 2013, we have much to celebrate. This year has been a year of growth and a year of giving. Teams from several different churches, schools, and universities have traveled to Mexico, Guatemala, and Africa to bring hope and healing in Jesus’ name.

This year we have seen 220 sponsors take the opportunity to care for an individual child in poverty. Through your generosity, these kids are being lifted out of poverty and into a brighter tomorrow.

Some highlights in 2013 include:

2 new feeding centers were built in Mazatlan

1700 kids received a Bible, shirt, and soccer ball at Camp de Futbol

Northwest University has partnered with GO to send University Teams

5000 dollar Charitable Foundation Grant received for kids in poverty

4 students enroll at the school for the deaf in Antigua Guatemala

2 new teams travel to Senegal W. Africa to build school improvements

The need for new sponsors and new funding continues as we currently serve over 450 kids each day. We are scheduled to build a new feeding center in April 2014 for a price tag of $15,600. We are so thankful for your contributions. Please prayerfully consider making a year-end gift that will brighten a kid’s day.


Chad Alvarado


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