Yvette & Angeline Introduction!

Today we’d love to introduce you to two women who are very important to us and the mission of GO in Senegal. Yvette is our in country staff member, responsible for running our child sponsorship program. Angeline is a dear friend who works with our sponsored children at John Huffman School. They are full of passion for serving and raising up children who know the Lord and will become leaders in their country.

Angeline     yvetteanddebbie

Angeline (left) and Yvette (right)

1.    What’s your background? Where did you grow up? Family, kids?

Angeline: I am originally from Haiti, but I grew up in Montreal. I have my Masters in counseling and have a husband, Alain, who is a cardiologist, and I also have three children.

Yvette: I was born and raised in Senegal, am married to a pastor, Nicholas, and have one daughter, Ivannie. I met my husband working at World Vision and have been married for 10 years.

2.    How did you come to know Jesus?

Angeline: Through the Colorado Springs Navigators. I was given a bible by a friend in high school and took it with me to college. I began reading my bible and asking Jesus to lead me to someone to teach me the scriptures. I met John Mark. He was a leader in my life and showed me who Jesus was.

Yvette: It was very simple. God talked to me one day: I heard a voice telling me, “I need just a small room in your heart for me.” Someone very special wanted me to be his friend. I know I have someone who is always with me when I pray. I just said yes.

3.    Why did you decide to work with child sponsorship at GO?

Angeline: I did not decide, it came to me. I wasn’t working near my husband so I spent a year looking and praying for a job, and to find God’s wisdom. 2 years later I was led to someone who offered a job with the John Hoffman School for sponsorship.

Yvette: As a child, you don’t have a nice childhood. My parents were separated when I was eight. God had his hand on me. I did not have a good relationship with my stepmom. Because of my experience, I decided to work with children. I was very glad to do something for the children because I experienced something in my life and I will be able to advocate for children in World Vision. I worked there for 24 years, and then began at GO 2 ½ years ago.

4.    What has been the most rewarding thing to see in child sponsorship?

Angeline: Several things, getting involved with the children and knowing families. Watching children get sponsored is a relief for the family. Most sponsors are Christian so they will pray, encourage, and families are aware of that. From grade 1 being sponsored, watching them grow is something wonderful. It is very valuable for the children; kids want to please their sponsor.

Yvette: I see that once I became a Christian, I have another vision for the children, which can really be helpful for the children, especially in Senegal. Since I became a Christian, I try to have God’s eyes, and see the children as a treasure and as part of the whole process. I wanted them to be part of the process and part of the community and also have their own role in the community.

5.    What are you dreams and visions for the future of sponsorship and the children in Senegal?

Angeline: I would love to see them get married, have a job, and remember being sponsored. If it were possible, I would have sponsorship not stop when they grow up. If the sponsor could pay for University and reach a Bachelor degree and be proud.

Yvette: I want to sponsor children to be President, to be a minister, the prime minister, to be a pastor. I want to sponsor children to advocate, to experience the help. I used to say to people that the children can easily advocate. When they say something, they are genuine. My dream would to see a sponsor child become a doctor, a teacher, a president, a pastor of a church, something like that.

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