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GO is an organization committed to helping heal the world by ending the cycle of poverty through caring for children in a holistic and sustainable way.

GO on the mission was started in January of 2010 to help lift people out of poverty. The big idea was to send dedicated Christians to the far corners of the world to eliminate the 5 big problems underdeveloped countries face.

  1. Illiteracy
  2. Hunger
  3. Homelessness
  4. Polluted water
  5. Lack of sanitation

This is a very broad mission and Go quickly realized that in order to be successful in our efforts, we needed to develop long-term relationships with partners in the countries we were trying to help. Since GO’s beginning 8 years ago we have:

  • Over 250 children sponsored
  • 7 feeding centers built in Mazatlan
  • 5 school partnerships in Senegal
  • Over 25 houses built
  • Hundreds of trip participants
  • 13 church partnerships